Kong Toys for New Puppies

Picking the right toys for a new puppy can be difficult. You can’t just go into any pet store and buy the first bone or toy you see, as they are often dangerous for puppies and can severely harm, or even kill them.

Certain bones can splinter and present a choking hazard for a puppy when […]

Adopting vs Buying, Which is The Right Choice?

There is often a frenzied debate over whether to adopt or buy an animal straight from the breeder. This is often centered around cats and dogs, but can apply to any animal that shelters will accept and care for.

Most people cite their reason for buying a newborn animal from a breeder to be the bond […]

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

When it comes to feeding your dog, there are tons of different voices which often seem to conflict each other.

This is especially true when you have a puppy.

Some frequent questions I hear are: Should I feed my dog twice or three times a day? Should I feed them the minimum amount of food required, or […]

Using a Marker Word or Clicker to Train Your Dog

Training a puppy or adopted dog can be tough. There’s a reason why so many dogs and puppies end up in the shelter.

Today I thought I’d write about the importance of using a marker word in your training.

A marker word is a word you pick to immediately tell the dog they’ve done the correct action.

Most […]