Hey, I’m Sue!

My love for pets started from a young age. I grew up with a Belgian Malinois, Chocolate Lab, one cat, and a bunny. I was surrounded by pets before I could even walk, and my bond with animals flourished quickly from there.

After I graduated college and moved out of my parents house, I adopted my own border collie who had been abandoned by their owned at only 10 weeks old. The puppy had already developed some bad habits and it took a lot of effort in order to train him, but eventually he came around.

My love for animals was rekindled as I slowly started to realize how incredibly smart my collie was. Since then I’ve become an animal activist and am on my way to becoming a vet!

I love to write about all sorts of animals, not just dogs. I know it can be hard to find good toys, food, training tips, bottles, and more, so I’ve started this website to help others.

Hope you enjoy your time on my website!

-Sue Morison