Kong Toys for New Puppies

Picking the right toys for a new puppy can be difficult. You can’t just go into any pet store and buy the first bone or toy you see, as they are often dangerous for puppies and can severely harm, or even kill them.

Certain bones can splinter and present a choking hazard for a puppy when chewed on. Likewise, balls that are too small for large dogs can become lodged in their esophagus and choke them.

I would highly recommend picking up a size appropriate Kong toy for your puppy. This is an excellent choice as it allows your pup to use many different senses at once. The Kong rolls in unpredictable ways, making it a fun chew toy.

You can also fill the Kong up with some puppy kibble, and then seal it with peanut butter. This will keep them occupied for up to an hour, and forces them to work on their mind-body connection in order to get all of the peanut butter and treats out.

Another option is to fill it with frozen food, such as a frozen peanut butter and kibble blend. This will keep your puppy happily occupied for hours as he slowly works his way through the Kong, and rewards themselves for their efforts.