Using a Marker Word or Clicker to Train Your Dog

Training a puppy or adopted dog can be tough. There’s a reason why so many dogs and puppies end up in the shelter.

Today I thought I’d write about the importance of using a marker word in your training.

A marker word is a word you pick to immediately tell the dog they’ve done the correct action.

Most people use the word “Yes”, or use a clicker as their marker word.

A clicker is an object that emits a loud “click” noise when pressed. Researchers believe that the clicking noise bypasses unnecessary parts of the dogs brain and immediately makes it to their reward center.

A marker word is useful to let your dog know exactly what it is that they’ve done correctly. Often times it’s hard for a dog or puppy to know what exact action they did that you liked.

Using a marker word helps to establish the exact moment that the dog has obeyed you, and makes it easier to train more difficult tricks down the road.